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Credit card interest rates is the main ingredient in the mix of credit card debt. You need to find a low interest credit card. The bottom line is if you a high credit card interest rate it will be nearly impossible to lower the principal balance.  Trying to figure out the most valuable credit card interest rates is enough to drive anyone crazy.  The fine print has so many gotchas that most of the time determining the actual interest rate is a impossible feat.  Let it be known that determining the best credit card interest rates is also key to keeping your debt in check and not putting you and your significant other at finincial risk.

The only proven way to determine the best going credit card rates is to search around for it. It may seem as tedious work but you must compare several credit card companies rates and plans to figure out what suits your needs.  The main reasoning behind this though process is that there are several things to examine, late fees, credit card interest rates, and any other buried charges they may try to get you for.

Some credit card companies even offer a very low interest rate and sometimes even offer zero percent.  Keep in mind that these rates are on fixed short term basis and will go back up after a period of time.  So again, make sure you read the fine print and figure out what card is a true fit for you.  Try to find a credit card that has a fixed interest rate. Some have floating interest rates and should try to stay clear of them. Included in your research should be to see if they have fees on cash advances.

Remember to think about how you and your family will actually use the card.  This will also help you determine how much interest you will end up accumulating by year end. Credit cards can easily be abused and get you and your family in finanical struggles if your not careful. If you can land a nice low interest rate you will not slip into this common pitfall.

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If your trying to understand all the interest rates and fees that come with a standard credit card there are some things you can do to better understand them.  The first thing I do is pick up the phone and call the customer service toll free number with a list of questions I may have.  The customer care rep should easily be able to answer your questions. If they have trouble answering your questions then ask for someone that can answer them correctly. 

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Why call you ask?  Well sometimes in my experience I have been able to even obtain a interest rate at a lower rate then advertised. Lets face it the competition is fierce and they rather have you as a customer then not have you at all.  Believe me Credit card businesses are trained to earn your business. You need to look at each and every credit card company with a fine tooth comb before locking in with one.
Listen, finding the absolute greatest credit card rate will take time and effort. The tedious work on your end will be well spent when you see how much money you are saving you and your family.  Remember, you need to evaluate a few different credit card programs. It helps sometimes to make a spreadsheet of the different options they have.
This is where the comes into play and helps you out. We have supplied you the tools and information to grab a nice low interest credit card.  Now it is your turn to put the tools to work.  

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