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The SBA added that it is also fulfilling its commitment to take additional steps to improve the speed of resolving data mismatches and eligibility concerns so that small businesses have as much time as possible to access PPP funds.

April 30 will mark the first 100 days of President Joe Biden’s term. This is a benchmark that presidents often set to deliver on high-priority campaign promises.

In early December, Biden announced that one of his promises would be to administer 100 million vaccines to Americans. That translates to roughly a million doses a day.

The United States hit that pace around inauguration day, but will now have to maintain it for the next three months for Biden to reach his goal.

First, does 100 million doses translate into 100 million vaccinated people by April 30?

Biden has emphasized that his goal does not imply that 100 million people will be fully vaccinated, but that 100 million vaccines will be administered. After all, both Moderna’s and Pfizer’s vaccines require two doses.

In early December, Biden’s team said his goal was for 50 million people to receive both doses. Then, in early January, the Biden administration changed its policy and said it would release most vaccines as they arrive, rather than withhold doses for the second injection.

This could change the number of people who get the two doses of the vaccine in the first 100 days.

At a news conference on Jan. 26, Biden said that his 100 million vaccinations “means that about 60 – maybe fewer, maybe more – million people” will get the COVID-19 vaccine.

Some critics have said that the number to be reached should be higher. And, the last week of January Biden suggested that he would like, eventually, to pick up the pace to 1.5 million a day.

But whether 50 or 60 million people get the two doses by the end of April, that number is still well below the threshold for herd immunity recommended by public health experts.

Remember that herd immunity occurs when a sufficient number of people in a population are immune to a disease, so that it is difficult for it to continue spreading.