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Big waves, thick wakes of foam along the wind, wave crests break into rolls, splashes can reduce visibility.

Very large waves with long peƱachos crests, the foam agglomerates in large banks and is carried by the wind in thick white trails. The surface of the sea is white, visibility reduced.

NOTE. The probable height of the waves is calculated for the open sea, far from the coast.

Graduations on both bands of the stem, the shoulder and the center, to measure the drafts in the conditions in which the boat is: in ballast or, in full or partial load.

Numerical scale from 0 to 9 that indicates the state of the sea.

Numerical scale that indicates the color of the sea, ranging from 0 (deep blue) to 10 (chrome potassium yellow).

Ruler graduated in meters, decimeters and centimeters or also in feet and tenths of feet. It is placed vertically close to the tide gauge and the height of the sea level is read directly from it. During the tidal observation period, the readings of the tidal scale and the position of the inscriber plume must be coincident in time and height.

Ladder fixed to a platform on the side of the ship provided with flat steps and handrails that allows embarking and disembarking from the water or from land.

Small round stake, embedded in the rail of the boat, to which the oar is tied.

Prismatic plummet, weighing 7 to 14 pounds, at the vertex of which the probe or string is tied that allows it to reach the bottom and thus measure the depth and collect the adhered samples. It has an open cavity in its lower part that allows to find out the composition of the bottom.

It is the simplest of sounding devices. It consists of a weight, usually made of lead, with a pyramidal or truncated-conical shape that is affirmed at the end of a line called probe, which is graduated in meters or fathoms. The scandal is released overboard until it reaches bottom, measuring the depth marked on the scale at water level. The gutter usually has a hole in its lower part, which is filled with sebum so that it is impregnated when it hits the bottom, and thus know what material it is made of (sand, mud, etc.), for example to guide the anchoring maneuver of the anchor, and thus prevent dragging.

Triangular sail that is hoisted between the mast and the peak of a crab sail, to take better advantage of the wind.